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As a pharmacy deeply rooted in the community, St. Bernard Drugs is more than just a local business—we’re an institution with a 40-plus year history.

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At St. Bernard Drugs, patients will have access to the prescriptions, vaccinations, medical equipment, and counseling they need to recover, recuperate, and revive themselves in the areas of physical and mental health. The pharmacy’s’ expedient services, such as Express Refill and Home Delivery, go above and beyond simply fulfilling your health needs— it takes your experience to a whole new level of care.

Time Tested Experience

With a seasoned staff of dedicated medical professionals, St. Bernard Drugs has always stood out from other local pharmacies within the area due to our selection of over-the-counter medications, holistic treatments, seasonal gifts, food and beverage, and last-minute festival necessities that will accompany you to some of New Orleans’ biggest events of the year. Combining convenience with care, St. Bernard Drugs boasts a vast selection of items for purchase, a five-star customer service experience, and a convenient location in the heart of New Orleans East.

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