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Dispill®, the Safer Way to Take your Medication

Dispill® helps bring your Pharmacist home with you!

Dispill®, the Safer Way to Take your Medication

What is Dispill®?

A convenient and innovative way in taking your medication.  All of your medications are organized into individual blister packs designed for each specific date, and even down to the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime).  At the beginning of every month, patients will receive a month's supply of their medication.  Packs will be filled and checked by your Pharmacist to ensure you take your medication correctly and in a timely manner.  Nothing feels safer than knowing your Pharmacist is coming home with you.

The Benefits of Dispill®

With prepackaged medication, you do not have to worry about missing a dose or when you take certain medications for some require special instructions on when and how to take them.  Many of the medications prescribed look and sound the same, so Dispill® eliminates that hassle and leaves it to the professionals to organize your medications.  

Because Dispill® is organized by day, there is no need to carry around all your medications at once.  Simple detach the specific day and you are set.  If confused on what time of the day to take your medications, Dispill® has created color codes to help distinguish that as well.

There is no need to waste time organizing and pillpacking yourself.  Each pack is crafted and carefully examined by your Pharmacist to ensure each individual's safety.  


Since teaming up with Dispill®, St. Bernard Drugs have received numerous positive feedback on how easy it is to use.  People feel safe knowing that they do not have to worry about if they forgot to take their medication or if they took the right one.  It is very convenient and it does not interrupt their daily activities so they can go on doing what they want to do.  Patient adherence is better than ever.

St. Bernard Drug has the added service of free home deliveries so customers do not even have to worry about going out to pick up their refill.  Your Pharmacist will keep track of when you are due and will contact your provider.  

St. Bernard Drugs is a proud provider of Dispill® and we want to make it easier for you.  Stop by or call to ask about this new innovative service.